At Précision Auto Detailing Inc, our goal is to make your boating investment a luxurious, carefree experience.  Although our service is primarily focused on helping you maintain the natural beauty of your boat and optimal functioning, we are happy to provide additional services that will enhance your boating experience.  Please feel free to contact us for a free, no-obligation estimate of your special request.

In order to maintain your boat's beauty and value, we at Précision Auto Detailing, recommend a pre-season full detailing/cleaning followed by regular maintenance.  This ensures that your boat preserves its luster and value throughout the boating season.  Even a few weeks without maintenance can have a detrimental effect on the gelcoat surface of your boat due to the damaging effects of the sun.   Unattended scuffs, scrapes, dust and chips in the gelcoat will result in unnecessary costly repairs. 


Exterior Services

  • Complete hand wash and scrub of the exterior deck, floors and sides to bumper rail, complete degreasing and spot removal, chrome polishing and windows.  Also included are the cockpit and exterior vinyl/leather seat cleaning.
  • Complete exterior cleaning including wax or sealant (from the bumper rail up).
  • Call us for a free quote.



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